The LG Interactive Digital Board (IDB) delivers content more efficiently and helps develop ideas in team work more easily through its touch-inter­active display. Contents are displayed without any visual boundaries in fixed box frames. This gives users greater freedom when writing on the display or using the gesture control.
Main Role - Creative Direction / All Visual Design / Interaction Design / User Testing
I am the original creator of the "Flexible Radial Menu" that leads the team at LG to obtain the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. I lead a small team to push forward on this notion. The main issue with Digital Whiteboards today is the system tools are all fixed in one location. This is why having a flexible menu that users can easily access anywhere on screen with the touch of a finger became so successful. The team then further changed the design of the user interface but the core functionality remained.
* Below you will see the original Business Version of LG's Interactive Board that was also shipped to market. I created all visual screens in the presentation deck below.

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