Belin Berisaj 
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Birthplace:  Podgorica, Montenegro
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My Mission & 
Professional Background
Written by:  Belin Berisaj
I enjoy the gratifying feeling of telling an effective story. Seeing people's reactions & wondering if I was able to empathize with them humbles me. I believe strong visual storytelling, combined with a direct narrative & a touch of genuine charisma are powerful ingredients for effective communications.

My strengths reside in the +16 years of experience branding & innovating new products for key stakeholders within Start-Ups & Corporate Organizations. I anticipate utilizing my strengths by introducing core fundamental design principles within team dynamics. Something that unfortunately is overlooked today. "Good Design" is taken for granted, but depending on the execution, it can determine whether a product will see the darkest of nights or light of day.

The world is full of intelligent people, but few have true wisdom that derives directly from nature. The most inspiring moment is when I am alone with the elements. This is life, primarily because it is healing to my mind, body, & spirit. Technology is secondary for me. I believe we must strive as a collective to bridge the gap between the two realms & help mankind. The human race must still integrate itself with the natural elements. Let us find a happy medium. Let us develop that relationship between man & machine so the world can thrive & sustain itself in a more harmonious fashion.

What will the next big product or service be? What will better, revolutionize our societal & family structures? I do not have that answer, but what I do know is some of these applications & devices we currently use are robbing ourselves from meaningful relationships & our overall well being. This includes our physiological & psychological states. I encourage whomever to please feel free & reach out so we can work together to find a better solution.

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