Bay Area Lightning - Aug. 16th 2020 
Location: Hayward Highlands, CA

I see these occurrences happen frequently in the East Coast. Apparently its not seen much in the Bay Area.
‚ąě¬† ¬†Quarantine Life -¬†Sep. 22nd¬†2020¬† ¬†‚ąě¬†
Location: Hayward Highlands, CA
Quarantine life - Sep. 7th 2020 
Location: Hayward Highlands, CA
Verkada (Startup Co.)
Location: San Mateo, CA
Challenge for me was to create user manuals that depicts intelligent Ai camera technology through machine learning, Enterprise cloud based surveillance, & physical building architecture though the use of geometric shapes & mirroring. The result was a branded & proposed visual direction of their current brand.
Sep. 3rd 2020
Feathers & Sunset _ Shot on Galaxy Note 9 - Location: Castro Valley, CA
I remind myself that I can not change the past, nor do I have any control of the future. Let me stay present and be grateful for the good times. Let me learn from my mistakes while anticipating moving forward & becoming a better person in this world. I choose to be easy with myself, for it is within myself that I can turn any dark cloud into clear skies. What great powers to behold once realized & then practiced. Now I can breathe.
October 2019
Belini_Profile_ Shot on Galaxy Note 9 - Location: San Jose, CA
Given the choice between the experience of pain & nothing, I would choose pain.
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